Our mission is to research our urban surroundings and create a city that supports an inclusive high density urban lifestyle. In order to accomplish that, we offer four main services:

1. Vision Development
Within large scale urban development plans, we focus on the small scale programmatic highlights. In order to get a district going, scenario planning and acupuncture urbanism are strategies to connect long term goals and short term flexibility to come to the essence of a valuable district development.

2. Urban Architecture
To create a programmatically inclusive city, we need to facilitate all layers of society; from starters, stayers to young families and empty nesters. We design architectural urban blocks as frameworks that synthesize change over time, enabling a wide variety of program, ranging from housing, offices, hotels, studios, restaurants, and future production facilities.


3. Interior Design
The perception of our surroundings is defined at eye level. We design sensitive interiors that manifest the ambition to be sincere attractors in a cities’ neighborhood. Bars, restaurants, lobbies, events, offices and homes for ambitious entrepreneurs that manifest the ambition to become a key player in its direct urban surroundings.

4. Re-fit / Re-use
Our monuments of the past add an important layer to our existing cityscapes of today. Therefor we refit existing (national monumental) buildings, enabling new uses and programmatic densification while respecting the old.