Hi! We are IWT, instabilitywetrust. 

We are an architectural design office based in Rotterdam. We explore our surroundings, design spatial narratives and build architectural solutions for private, public and commercial clients.

In 2018 we were one of the finalists of the Next Step Program, and Chantal Schoenmakers was nominated for the ARC17 Young Talent Award in 2017.

With rapid urbanisation, increasing density, digitalisation and artificial intelligence comes an increased need for a cognitive sensitivity in our human surroundings - the environment that surrounds us. We enter the human age.

As we think our surroundings are a constantly evolving, interacting network of highly diverse players, we design dynamic environments - from small scale interiors to large scale architectural urban projects - and spatial identities open for interpretation and adaptation over time.

With projects ranging from conceptual urban development, architecture, interior and design, we know how these scales interact in our spatial perception of a place.

IWT is founded by Bastiaan Kalmeyer and Chantal Schoenmakers and is embedded in a flexible collaborative network of strategic advisors, urbanists, architects, interior architects, designers, engineers and scientists.

We work for clients such as Gemeente Rotterdam, Gemeente Eindhoven, LSI, Revolt, Cambridge Innovation Center, NS Vastgoed, New Industry, Wim Hof, Delft Technical University and Buffalo University of New York. 

2e Middellandstraat 2b
3021 BM Rotterdam
0031 6 45476689